Our School

School Information

Address: 1789 W Seminole St,
Tulsa, OK 74127
Bell Times: 7:30 am – 3:11 pm (M, T, TH, F)
Enrollment Seats Available: 70
Grades served: PK-5
District: Tulsa Public Schools (TPS)
Dress code: School uniform
Mascot: TBD
School Colors:

Navy represents our great devotion in service to our community, reclaiming things that worked in the past while working towards a desired future. Gray represents our structure and stability, cultivating a professional environment where scholars are serious about success and remain calm and cool under pressure. White represents new beginnings and a clean slate, reminding us that we can start fresh every day and create anything that our minds can conceive.

Why do we exist?

Greenwood Leadership Academy exists to transform the academic and social
outcomes of North Tulsa’s students by providing a rigorous, well-rounded college and career prep education to ensure that Black Excellence is evident in every arena of our community and to reestablish the greatness of Black Wall Street.

What do we do?

We are a tuition-free public ‘partnership’ school that educates PK-1 students by
engaging them in an academic program focused on Scholarship, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Citizenship, where authentic, hands-on learning connects high academic expectations with real life. We strive to be the highest performing school in the state of Oklahoma.

How do we behave? (iCARE)

Innovation: We evolve faster than the world around us by repeatedly
reevaluating and refining what we do.

Commitment: We do what others won’t so we can achieve what others can’t.

Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions and confront difficult issues.

Respect: We treat ourselves and others with grace, civility and empathy.

Excellence: We do everything to the best of our ability to honor those who came
before us and challenge those who will come after us.

How will we win?

Ο High Expectations for Academic Achievement

Ο Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Ο Integrated Technology and Blended Learning Rotational Model

Ο Service Learning and Constructivist Approach

Our focus on Black Excellence.

Greenwood Leadership Academy is passionate about advancing African-American
achievement in our community. We are determined that North Tulsa’s students and community members will experience Black excellence in every aspect of their lives – through high levels of student success and visible examples of Black leadership throughout the school and community. Being a school that is unapologetically focused on Black Excellence does not mean excluding any other group. We warmly welcome everyone into the GLA family, and trust that all will appreciate the importance in our community of a school that is unrelenting about achieving Black excellence in every arena.